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we're raising the bar - literally

The essence of the terrace bar at St. Petersburg’s AC Hotel is derived from the flora and fauna of Florida, infused with the lushness of a Caribbean courtyard, and inspired by Cuban heritage. The signature spirit, rum, is the key narrative – exploring its journey from the cane to the barrel.  The interiors reflect the vibrant culture of Havana nights with an old world charm. 

A rooftop bar inspired by the colorful energy of Havana nights and emphasizing all things rum.

Cane & Barrel's cocktail menu, heavy on rum, packs a punch (not quite literally) with a signature drink that’s communal in spirit and in fact. Indeed, we feature a table side punch bowl, serving up this large format cocktail with a twist of history. A blend of spirits, citrus juice, sugar, water, and spice, true punch was originally concocted in the old East Indies and brought west by the thirsty sailors of yore. Whether blended with bourbon, rum, tequila or vodka — and at Cane & Barrel, we do it all these ways and sometimes more — a proper punch brings sweet, sour, strong, and weak into balance. It also brings people together. From its first pour in the 1600s to the fresh batches we mix here every day, punch is a communal drink designed to be shared heartily amongst friends.

vibrant culture of Havana nights with an old-world charm

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